How to get taller fast?



If you are reading this article, there is a big chance you are not that that tall – and want to be taller. Maybe you are tired of not being able to reach the top shelf at the grocery store, missing out at a concert, being told “oh, but you don’t look 18!”. But is it possible at all to get those few extra centimeters (or inches, depending on where you live)?
Scientifically, no – if you’re well-trough puberty, changes aren’t that a last-minute miracle is suddenly going to swoop in and make you start growing again (though a girl can dream). Still, don’t loose hope! If you’re still in puberty, or you’re willing to cheat a bit, you can actually make yourself taller.
So how to get taller fast?

1. Eat your oatmeal and your vegetables

When I was nine, I inherited a very cool bike. It was pink, and big and better than all the other kids’ bikes. Except for one problem: I couldn’t even reach the pedals. When I expressed my frustration to my stepdad, he said, albeit a bit jokingly “just eat your oatmeal, and you’ll be tall enough in no time.” Naively I went, forcing myself through a bowl of oatmeal every morning, to no avail. I still wasn’t tall enough, but he did have a point. Eating healthy while you’re still growing is key. It may be too late for you, but keep it in mind if you have kids. This brings us to the second point..

2. High heels

This one might seem obvious, and you may say “well, I can’t wear high heels all the time.” No, sadly, but you can wear shoes with a tiny wedge, almost every day, depending on where you work/study. Most students and office-workers can probably get away with the bigger heels, and if that feels to big, you can always start out with the aforementioned small wedges to give you that extra boost. I have a friend who is very small, and she literally only owns one pair of flat shoes – her workout shoes, that she wears to P.E. The thing is, that because she always wears high heels, it seems natural, and not “too fancy”, if that’s what you’re scared of.

3. Socks

You can always roll up socks and put them in your flat shoes. If that’s too uncomfortable, try buying insoles. Its not much, but you’ll be surprised how much small things can make a difference

4. Use the hair!

A ponytail, a mohawk, an afro – you name it! If you style your hair right, you can create the optical illusion of being tall. I’m not saying you need to spend 40 minutes and half a bottle hairspray every morning, but if you can make small changes to your hair, it’ll give you a big boost.
5. Love your current height

So you tried all the steps, drank all the miracle tea and you’re still short. So what? You don’t bump your head into the baggage-shelf on airplanes, you can kick just about anyone’s butt in limbo, and you can hide in crowds when you spot your ex looking happy with a new girl/boy in the crowd. Being small is just as awesome as being tall and you are all beautiful!